A Look at Dutch Startups at CES 2017

Earlier this month, the Netherlands’ most exciting robotics and mobility startups were featured at CES 2017, the world’s biggest consumer electronics trade show. The Netherlands is home to Europe’s largest startup ecosystem, with hubs across all industries in cities like Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Utrecht. With a strong research and development network, public-private partnerships and digital infrastructure, Holland has become a hotbed for robotics and mobility startups. World-renowned research institutions like Eindhoven University of Technology, Delft University of Technology and TNO regularly produce startups and talent that push the boundaries of innovation. These five Dutch “startups to watch” are making their mark in robotics and mobility.

Amber Mobility

Dutch startups at CES 2017
Source: Amber Mobility

From Dutch startup Amber Mobility comes the Amber One, the first car designed to be shared as an alternative to car ownership. With the company’s mobile app and ultra-efficient electric car design, customers can instantly access a car fully set with their own preferences within walking distance for only $37 per week. The lightweight, long range car is modular, so it can be updated throughout its life as technologies change. The next step for the company is to equip the cars with semi- and full autonomous driving capabilities.

Delft Aerial Robotics

Dutch startups at CES 2017
Source: Delft Aerial Robotics

Delft Aerial Robotics (DAR) is a group of companies that are building a network of fully autonomous drones capable of delivering data and services without requiring human interaction. DAR invests in startups that solve challenges in order to build a scalable business model for autonomous drones. DAR works extensively with the Delft University of Technology and is a member of the Dutch public-private-academia partnership RoboValley.


Dutch startups at CES 2017
Source: ElpaNav

A portfolio company of DAR, ElpaNav produces revolutionary Bluetooth Low Energy-based indoor navigation and location technology that is accurate to the centimeter, even indoors. This technology allows mobile robots to carry out precise tasks and to land robots in an area where the margin of error is slim. The company was recently rewarded the NanoNextNL Valorization Grant of more than $100,000.


Dutch startups at CES 2017
Source: e-Traction

E-mobility startup e-Traction designs hybrid or fully electric in-wheel traction systems for vehicles ranging from city buses to SUVs. The in-wheel motors allow buses to travel twice as far as conventional buses and reduce fuel consumption by 50 percent. In November of 2016, the company successfully integrated its systems into electric buses that are in daily operation in Münster, Germany.


Dutch startups at CES 2017
Source: robotTUNER

robotTUNER, a startup out of Wageningen University, is accelerating the use of autonomous driving robots. robotTUNER’s mission is to make autonomus driving safe and affordable by using virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and big data. With this research, the company is developing a “Digital Driving License” for semi-autonomous vehicles to set a standard on the market.

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26 January 2017

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