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Service Centers

Your Strategic Location for Bottom-Line Success

The Netherlands’ strategic location, highly developed telecommunications and transportation infrastructure and international, service-oriented culture provide an ideal environment to establish or consolidate a shared service center (SSC) in Europe.

Ranked as the most multilingual country in Europe by Eurobarometer, the Netherlands is home to a diverse, skilled, dynamic and productive workforce. Plus, Holland’s cultural amenities, relatively low cost of living and fiscal incentives in the 30% ruling make it easy to attract skilled expatriates to your SSC. The unrivalled digital infrastructure enables any company to effectively serve their customers around the world, as well as customers close to their Dutch home.

These factors, in addition to Holland’s competitive tax structure, facilitate improved efficiencies and lower costs for Netherlands-based service centers. That’s exactly why so many world-class companies—including Nike, Cisco Systems, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Verizon and Bombardier Aerospace—have chosen to establish service-based operations here in conjunction with headquarter, logistic or manufacturing facilities.

Source: IMD WCY 2016 (Western European countries)


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