Chinese Space Company HEAD Aerospace Opens Office in Noordwijk

“With our micro-satellite and launch capabilities we hope to bring new opportunities for the Dutch and European space markets and we will actively search for cooperation and partnerships.”

Noordwijk, February 4, 2016 – HEAD Aerospace Technology Co., headquartered in Beijing, China, opened its Dutch office today, making it the first private company from the Chinese space industry to set up business in The Netherlands. In the presence of officials from the company and dignitaries from the sector, Mayor Jan Rijpstra of Noordwijk performed the opening ceremony of this new addition to the Space Business Innovation Centre.

Dutch subsidiary HEAD Aerospace

HEAD Aerospace Netherlands B.V. as the Dutch establishment is called, is a leading space company in China, developing, producing and selling advanced space products and technology for both domestic and international space markets. HEAD Aerospace Netherlands B.V. will initially start operations with five staff members, but expects to grow significantly in the next three years. Besides a marketing & sales office at the Space Business Innovation Centre (SBIC), they intend to set up their own facilities – including R&D activities – in Noordwijk as well.

InnovationQuarter, the economic development agency for the West Holland area, SBIC and the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) assisted HEAD Aerospace in setting up their new subsidiary in this region. All partners will continue to support HEAD Aerospace B.V. with their future developments in The Netherlands.

Official welcome

Mr. Jason Chou, CEO of the company, Mr. Ger Nieuwpoort, director of the Netherlands Space Office, Mr. Jan Rijpstra, Mayor of Noordwijk and Chris van Voorden, director Foreign Investments at InnovationQuarter performed the official ribbon cutting, after which a special plaque was handed over to Mr. Chou.

As the first private space company from China to expand their operations in the Netherlands, the chairman of the board of HEAD Aerospace Mr. Jason Chou is very confident about their newly opened Dutch subsidiary: “With our micro-satellite and launch capabilities we hope to bring new opportunities for the Dutch and European space markets and we will actively search for cooperation and partnerships.” Mr. Pieter van Duijn has been appointed CEO of the Dutch subsidiary.

Martijn Seijger, Director of SBIC Noordwijk: “The Space Business Innovation Centre is pleased with the presence of HEAD Aerospace Netherlands B.V. After the formal establishment of the office, we look forward to building a business relationship which benefits HEAD Aerospace and the SBIC community in Noordwijk. Especially for the startups which focus on turning space-connected business ideas into commercial companies.”

Space business in Europe

It was only last October when Mr. Chou signed the Letter of Intent with InnovationQuarter, during the state visit of his Majesty King Willem-Alexander to China, that the plans to expand their business to The Netherlands were confirmed. Now, after three months, HEAD Aerospace Netherlands B.V. is already fully operational and ready to explore the possibilities of Dutch and European space markets and to see how they can contribute to the development of this sector.

About HEAD Aerospace

HEAD Aerospace Netherlands B.V. is a Dutch subsidiary of the world leading HEAD Aerospace Technology Co.  HEAD Aerospace is an international trading company specializing in international and domestic marketing of space-related products and technology, technical consultancy and service. They have close cooperative relationship with top space companies in China and many manufacturers in Europe. The company’s business scope includes distribution of space-related products and facilities (e.g. attitude and orbit control system, mechanism, calibration facility, electronic components, on-ground test equipment), technical consulting, market analysis, etc.

Source: InnovatonQuarter


4 February 2016

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