Evolve IP Expands to the Netherlands

Philadelphia-based cloud communications company acquires Dutch company to reach a European market

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Pennsylvania-based cloud communications firm Evolve IP acquired Dutch firm Mtel. The acquisition will help Evolve IP expand globally and reach a European market.

Evolve IP is one of the world’s fastest-growing cloud communications companies. The company supports more than 1,500 enterprises across industries. Evolve IP will benefit from Mtel’s data centers and skilled talent throughout Europe.

Evolve IP and Mtel share similar technologies and company cultures. “We are looking forward to working closely with our new associates to develop new products and services that will grow the region and benefit all of Evolve IP’s customers across the globe,” said Guy Fardone, President and Founding Partner of Evolve IP.

Europe’s Most Wired Country

The Netherlands is one of the world’s most wired countries. Holland’s technology infrastructure makes it an ideal location for cloud communications in Europe. The European Commission ranked the Netherlands the EU’s top country for connectivity. Businesses like Microsoft, Oracle, Intel and IBM all invest in Holland.

Source: EvolveIP


2 August 2017

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