Holland’s Creative Economy: Disruption as a Recipe for Success

What makes the Netherlands an attractive place to launch and grow businesses in the creative economy?

by Arjen Leemburg, Senior Project Manager, NFIA UK & Ireland

Last month, I had the pleasure to attend a roundtable meeting in Amsterdam hosted by Campaign’s Editor in Chief, Claire Beale. Participants investigated and discussed why a diverse range of global brands and agencies have chosen the Netherlands as their base to plan global advertising campaigns, develop new ad-tech platforms and launch new products.

Arjen Leemburg looks into the creative economy of the Netherlands.

Opportunity and reward for the brave

We live in disruptive times, which are affecting many industries and in particular the creative industry. That said, with disruption comes opportunity and reward for those brave enough to take a chance and get it right. History has shown that the Netherlands has always been an economy that can easily adapt and transform itself. This is certainly due to its pragmatic approach and can-do mentality deeply rooted in the national psyche. And that is one of the contributing factors why disruptive brands, such as Netflix, Uber and Tesla have found a home in the Netherlands.

Punching above its weight

The origin of the Netherlands as one of the most powerful creative economies in the world dates back to the Dutch Golden Age. Situated in the most urbanized corner of Europe, its pioneering inhabitants have never sought safety. Instead they have embraced the sort of creative risk-taking that has led to unpredictable outcomes. This is why the Netherlands has been able to punch above its weight: it’s in the top 10 of global patent applications, the 3rd largest exporter of TV formats, one of the world’s largest exporters of creative services and products, home to recipients of 41 Cannes Lions awards and one of the world’s top 5 most attractive countries for digital media and entertainment investments. 

The Dutch Creative Economy

For the agencies and brands that attended the roundtable meeting, their success is rooted in an environment with the right mix of disruptive thinkers. Such a mix includes a proactive and reliable government that’s restricting the red-tape.  And, where there’s a sense of excitement, it also includes a progressive culture and an outward looking trading mentality. This blend will continue to secure the Netherlands’ position as one of the most successful creative economies in Europe.

Read all about this and more on Campaign goes Dutch.

15 December 2016

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