How Holland Fosters a Creative Economy

NFIA North America Executive Director Jan-Emile van Rossum explains in ACBJ column

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Jan-Emile van Rossum, Executive Director of North America for the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, recently wrote an article on how cities and states can foster a creative economy for his regular American City Business Journals (ACBJ) column. Arts and cultural economic activity is growing worldwide. “Economic developers often underestimate the crucial role that this creative sector has in attracting investment, talent and tourism,” van Rossum explained.

Strategies for growing the creative industry

There are countless, innovative ways to foster the creative industry’s economic power. Strategies include revitalizing abandoned spaces into creative hubs, hosting industry conferences and events, and providing resources for creative entrepreneurs. Cities and states including Amsterdam, Austin, Utah, Colorado, and Massachusetts are at the forefront of such initiatives.

The Netherlands’ Examples of fostering a creative economy

Holland is home to global fashion, advertising and entertainment companies like Nike, TOMS, MTV and more. It’s no wonder the Netherlands is called “The Creative Capital of Europe.” For example, Amsterdam’s A’DAM Tower, originally Shell’s headquarters for nearly four decades, is now a music and creative industry hub.

Nationally, the Netherlands breaks down barriers for ambitious entrepreneurs. One way is through a start-up visa, which gives temporary residence to foreigners with a business idea. This program, along with other government-sponsored resources and incentives, is one reason the Netherlands ranks No. 1 in the European Union for its startup business climate. Many public-private partnerships are also available for the creative industry in Holland, such as the Creative industry – Knowledge Innovation Mapping (KIEM), which promotes partnerships between SMEs and universities.

Source: Biz Journals

9 December 2016

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