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NOM Foreign Direct Investment

About NOM Foreign Direct Investment

NOM Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) operates as a sort of marketing & sales organization for the Northern Netherlands. We pay visits to many entrepreneurs and companies in the region every year. During these visits, we discuss their success factors, their role in the supply chain, their vision of the future and the obstacles they face. We use this information to come up with propositions for the important sectors with the aim of enticing foreign companies to establish in the Northern Netherlands. It is here that they will find the conditions they need to achieve their ambitions.

Key Industries

Agrifood | Biobased Economy| IT | Chemicals | High Tech Systems | Life Sciences & Healthy Aging | Sustainable Energy | Water Technology

Regional Strengths

Fulfilling your potential in the European marketplace starts with investing in the right locations. Locations here satisfy your organization’s diverse range of needs. With its high standards in logistics, industry and technology, acclaimed food and chemical sectors and well-educated, multilingual population, the Northern Netherlands is a deservedly popular choice, as many have already discovered.

The Northern Netherlands provides all the benefits of the Netherlands as a country, with many added features that give it a specific edge. While locally generated power and IT centers provide cost-efficient opportunities, high-quality educational establishments ensure an innovative environment. With so many benefits contained within a logistically advantageous area, the Northern Netherlands is an ideal location for international organizations.

Who’s Here
Atos, Perkin Elmer, UCC Coffee, BASF, Henkel, Honeywell, GDF Suez, PRA, Astellas, Transcom, Dow, Dunlop, Palntronics, BD Kiestra, FMC Technologies, Fonterra, Scania, SCA, PPG, Schlumberger, Halliburton, IBM, Google, Northrop Grumman, Kisuma, Siemens, Lamb Weston, Teijin, Nielsen Massey

Success Story

"NOM functioned as a catalyst for the choice of Groningen by arranging the right contacts between ourselves and Groningen's ecosystem, for example. IBM is thus extremely well facilitated"

Carola Bos Delivery Project Executive,
IBM The Netherlands

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