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Personalized Information and Practical Solutions

Starting in your country of origin, the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency is prepared to assist your company in every stage of establishing, rolling out or expanding operations in the Netherlands. We organize fact finding missions and meetings with relevant partners, as well as provide personalized guidance and counsel on tax, government and permit procedures, location options and business solutions. To aid in your site selection, establishment and/or expansion processes, the NFIA will:

  1. Provide up-to-date, customized information on the Netherlands in general, relevant business locations, Dutch legislation and tax regulations, labor issues, permit procedures, governmental incentives and many other subjects during preliminary in-person meetings.
  1. Organize custom-made fact-finding trips in close cooperation with its network of regional economic development partners, including introductions with relevant business partners, government authorities, a variety of Dutch networks and service suppliers, and other relevant contacts in the investment process.
  1. Present concrete solutions that simplify and optimize establishment in the Netherlands.
  1. Offer tailor-made support by NFIA specialists in the agrifood, chemical, IT, high tech systems, life sciences & health and other sectors.

Interested? The services provided by NFIA are 100% confidential and completely free of charge.

"Amsterdam inbusiness, the NFIA and NDL/HIDC saved our company an enormous amount of time and money by putting the project on the fast-track. It would have taken us several months and thousands of dollars to pull together the contacts and resources that these organizations had ready and waiting for us. These folks are serious about introducing new business to the Netherlands." Bill Biesecker President, Hair Direct, Inc.

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