American Glass Research Expands to the Netherlands

US-based glass testing company announces a new European research laboratory in Delft

Pennsylvania-based American Glass Research plans to open a European research laboratory in Delft this October. The 5,500-square-foot facility will offer glass packaging research and testing services. It will also have office space and provide training seminars. American Glass Research’s new research lab will reduce turnaround time and lower shipping costs to European customers.

Dutch executive Peter de Haan will lead the Delft laboratory. De Haan previously spent several years at the company’s Pennsylvania facility.

American Glass Research is a division of Agr International. Agr International supplies quality assurance and process automation equipment to global packaging companies. The new research lab is part of Agr International’s commitment to global expansion.

European Research & Development Hub

The Netherlands is a prime location for research and development and is home to many research labs and institutes. In fact, as the European R&D location of major companies like Philips, IBM, Intel, Mars, SABIC, Huawei and UL, Holland has the second highest number of patent applications per million inhabitants in Europe. The Netherlands’ unrivaled technology infrastructure, highly educated, English-speaking workforce and accessible government provide companies with the knowledge and resources they need to turn innovation into bottom-line results.

Source: Agr International, Inc

1 August 2017

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