Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Ranked No. 1 in Europe for Direct Connectivity 

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol surpasses London-Heathrow in ACI’s 2017 Connectivity Report

The 2017 Connectivity Report from the Airports Council International (ACI) ranks Amsterdam Airport Schiphol as the number one airport in Europe for direct connectivity. The annual report ranks direct connectivity based on direct air services available from each airport. This measure accounts for the number of destinations and frequency of flights. Offering about 4,861 direct flights per week, Schiphol surpassed London-Heathrow, Paris Charles de Gaulle and Frankfurt airports.


Schiphol also ranked second in the world for hub connectivity. Hub Connectivity refers to the number and quality of connecting flights that can be accessed through a hub airport. Since 2016, Amsterdam’s hub connectivity has increased 70 percent. The airport’s high-capacity runway system and one-terminal concept are crucial to the airport’s extensive network and hub quality.

“With over 320 destinations served by 111 airlines, the network is gigantic, certainly for a country the size of the Netherlands, with a smaller home market than, for instance, Paris. From Geneva to Buenos Aires and from London to Mumbai. This is good for passengers, since the extensive network with frequent flights to the destinations means that foreign countries are accessible to everyone in the Netherlands and vice versa. But it is also good for the competitiveness and thus for Dutch economic growth,” said Royal Schiphol Group President and CEO Jos Nijhuis.

Dutch investment in innovation

Proving Dutch commitment to innovation, the airport has embraced sustainable development and is committed to achieving full accessibility. In the future, Schiphol plans to invest in technology such as biometric border control, smart assets and mobility services. Early next year, the airport will break ground on a new pier and terminal. These additions will utilize digital contact moments to connect with passengers and provide efficient service.

Source: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

13 June 2017

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