BioGX Expanding to Amsterdam

US biotech startup establishes operations center in the Netherlands



Alabama-based BioGX, a manufacturer of genetic detection technology, has established a European operations center in Amsterdam. Based in Birmingham, the new Dutch facility is BioGx’s first international location. BioGX’s expansion to the Netherlands is part of the startup’s international strategic growth plan.

Gateway to international customers

Through regional sales and field application resources, BioGX’s new facility will support countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The company will offer its full range of products and services to customers in the EMEA region.

“BioGX EU operations will enhance the customer experience and lower costs by eliminating the complexity and expense associated with an international supply chain,” said BioGX CEO Shazi Iqbal. “BioGX is well positioned to offer its full range of products and services to customers throughout the EMEA region.”

Europe’s hub for supply chain and medtech

BioGX’s products have applications across industries including clinical, food safety, pharma and water quality analysis. The company will benefit from many of the Netherlands’ sector strengths.

Ranked number two in the world for logistics performance, the Netherlands is a hub for foreign-owned supply chain operations. In fact, the country is home to more European distribution centers than all its major neighbors combined. Within 24 hours of Amsterdam and Rotterdam companies can reach 160 million consumers.

The Netherlands is also one of the most concentrated life sciences regions in the world. It has world-class health and research institutes and a high-quality infrastructure for clinical research. Holland is home to several multinational companies such as MSD, Amgen, GlaxoSmithKline and Medtronic.

Source: Alabama Media Group

4 May 2017

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