Blok ‘N’ Mesh Bases New European Operations in Holland

New headquarters in the Netherlands expands Blok ‘N’ Mesh to mainland Europe

New European headquarters in Breda for Blok 'N' Mesh

With 7 brand new distribution points now servicing mainland Europe and European headquarters based in Breda, Blok ‘N’ Mesh—the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of temporary fencing and pedestrian barriers—has broadened its reach into mainland Europe. Due to this expansion, the manufacturer is now supplying the construction and events sectors throughout the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Belgium and Luxembourg.

For over 30 years, Blok ‘N’ Mesh has been established as the market leader in the UK temporary fencing and pedestrian barriers industry. It is also recognized as one of the few manufacturers with the infrastructure and support to directly supply construction and events companies, which eliminates the need to deal via distributors and pay the associated fees.

Bringing more choice to the European market

As manufacturers of their own product range, Blok ‘N’ Mesh ensures that customers benefit from the most cost-effective temporary fencing or pedestrian barrier perimeter for their site. Customers in the UK have been enjoying this benefit for years, but now construction and events companies throughout Netherlands and mainland Europe can as well.

“Much of mainland Europe has been starved for choice in this field. With very few manufacturers across Europe who only generally supply via distributors; inevitably businesses are paying excessive prices for their temporary fencing and pedestrian barriers.

“Our new presence in Europe will provide the opportunity for businesses to purchase market leading quality products, directly from an experienced manufacturer and ultimately benefit from greater profits.” said Assistant Director, Lee Sullivan.

Source: Block ‘N’ Mesh

5 April 2018

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