CIC Rotterdam Grows to More Than 100 Companies

The entrepreneurial organization has grown exponentially in two years since expanding from U.S.

Innovation Center

Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) Rotterdam now houses more than 100 innovative businesses in its 50,000-square-foot innovation center, less than two years since expanding from Boston. Opened in July 2015, the Rotterdam office serves as CIC’s only international location. Nearly a quarter of CIC Rotterdam’s companies are tech-focused, while other large industry focuses include sustainability and life sciences.

“It is phenomenal to see the growing group of entrepreneurs at CIC, how they interact and help support each other, and the wide array of ideas they’re bringing into the world,” said Melissa Ablett, CIC Rotterdam’s General Manager. “We chose Rotterdam because we saw, and continue to see, the incredible innovation capacity of this city.”

Companies at CIC share similar positivity on the Rotterdam location. CEO of DashTag, Epco Berger said, “We’re looking to scale globally and we feel this is the right place to help us do that.”

Fostering an innovative community through impactful connections

Along with its sister non-profit organization Venture Café Rotterdam, CIC Rotterdam is a Startup Visa Facilitator. More than 10 percent of businesses at CIC Rotterdam have headquarters outside of the Netherlands or founded by international entrepreneurs. Venture Café Rotterdam is an initiative to connect innovators within the community through free weekly meetings. The initiative is growing rapidly, with more than 12,000 attendees in 2016 and 300 average weekly attendees in 2017.

CIC Rotterdam will continue expanding in Holland.  The company plans to add more than 40,000 square feet of space in the iconic Groot Handelsgebouw in 2018. Ultimately, the center will be able to house 500 companies.

The CIC is a U.S.-based company that creates work spaces for innovative businesses and entrepreneurs. With eight locations housing more than 1,500 businesses, CIC is the largest start-up cluster in the world.

“Our eyes are on the future,” said Marcus Fernhout, Founder of CIC Rotterdam. “Our vision is to create a thriving innovation district here in the center of Rotterdam. We’re on our way.”

Source: Cambridge Innovation Center

10 April 2017

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