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Cosco Shipping Opens European Head Office in the Netherlands

China’s biggest specialized shipping company locates at Europe’s largest port, Rotterdam

Shipping Rotterdam

China-based Cosco Shipping Specialized, one of the core members of Cosco Shipping Corporation, has opened its European regional head office in Rotterdam, Europe’s largest port.

“The start up of this company is one of our methods to provide integral total solutions to specialized shipping and related industries,” said Guo Jing, vice-CEO of Cosco Shipping Europe.

“Cosco Shipping has contributed for a long time to the sustainable development of Rotterdam, the Netherlands and Europe, by serving the infrastructure companies, manufacturers, import/export trading companies and EPC companies and projects,” he said.

Serving European customers
Mr. Jing said the Rotterdam office will enable the company to place more focus on European clients. The new company is now investing more in the development of trans-Atlantic voyages and intra-Europe sailings.

Rotterdam “has witnessed the glorious history of cooperation between Europe and China and is leading the trend of global shipping development,” said Wu Mingliang, executive vice-president of Cosco Shipping Specialized.

With its specialized shipping fleet, the largest in the world, Cosco puts the most advanced tonnages and service team into the new company as a platform, not only to catch the development opportunities of European and Atlantic markets, but also to provide more service to our customers, Mr. Mingliang said.

Strategic logistics hub
Arno Bonte, vice mayor of Rotterdam, welcomed Cosco in his city, saying that it underscores the strong bond between the city and China. In fact, Rotterdam and Shanghai are marking 40 years of city sisterhood this year.

“Rotterdam always welcomes companies, especially companies like Cosco which aim at growing not only now, but also in the future,” he said.

Rotterdam is one of the key linking pins in Holland’s logistics and infrastructure, making the Netherlands a strategic gateway to Europe and an attractive hub for foreign-owned logistics and distribution operations.

Joining sustainable wave of Port of Rotterdam
Bonte stressed that the Port of Rotterdam is moving to become the most sustainable and smart port in the world, which connects to Cosco’s sustainability ambitions. He said that in addition to Cosco’s own sustainability goals, the company also stressed the importance of sustainability amongst its customers.

Furthermore, as Rotterdam is building more wind farms in the North Sea, offshore wind is a  growing market and Cosco has strong capacity in the shipping of windmills, Mr. Bonte said.

About Cosco
Cosco Shipping Specialized operates more than a hundred vessels, including multi-purpose and heavy lift vessels, semi-submersible vessels, pure car carriers, logs carriers as well as asphalt carriers. It provides a wide variety of solutions for the transportation of various non-containerized cargo at sea.

Source: Xinhua

20 May 2019

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