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Dechra Pharmaceuticals Moves its Marketing Authorizations to the Netherlands

Decision was made to safeguard activities in case of hard Brexit

Dechra Pharmaceuticals moves its marketing authorizations to the Netherlands to safeguard activities in case of hard Brexit

British Dechra, a global veterinary pharmaceutical business, has announced it is moving its marketing authorisations to the Netherlands to safeguard its European operations in case of a hard Brexit.

The innovative animal health company is already established in the Dutch life sciences & health ecosystem, with a corporate office in the city of Den Bosch and a manufacturing facility in Bladel. It’s headquarters are in Northwich, near Manchester in the United Kingdom.

Preparing for Brexit

Ian Page, Chief Executive Officer of Dechra, said: “In preparation for a potential hard Brexit, we have changed the ownership of all UK marketing authorisations to a newly established subsidiary in the Netherlands.”

Marketing authorization is the process of reviewing and assessing the evidence to support a medicinal product, such as a drug, in relation to its marketing, finalized by granting of a license to be sold.

In further Brexit preparations, Dechra also announced that it has transferred all its testing activities for UK manufactured products to Bladel, the Netherlands and a new facility in Zagreb, Croatia.

Page explained: “This will allow us to perform batch release within the EU in the likely event that there will be no mutual recognition of quality standards.”

Furthermore, Page said Dechra has increased inventory in the supply chain to mitigate the potential delays at ports.

About Dechra

Dechra is a global specialist veterinary pharmaceuticals and related products business. Their expertise is in the development, manufacture, and sales and marketing of high quality products exclusively for veterinarians worldwide. Many of Dechra’s products are focused on key therapeutic categories where they have leading market positions, and many of their products are used to treat medical conditions for which there is no other effective solution or have a clinical or dosing advantage over competitor products.  These novel products are complemented by a range of generics.

Source: Dechra press release

9 September 2019

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