Dexcom and Healthlink Europe Strike Partnership in Brabant Region

“Brabant region renowned for its expertise and excellence in the logistics space”


American enterprise Dexcom, a global leader in continuous glucose monitoring systems, has partnered with Healthlink Europe in Den Bosch to outsource their logistics for the EMEA market. “The Brabant region is renowned for its expertise and excellence in the logistics space with highly skilled and educated employees,” says Scott Williams, the Senior Director of Dexcom’s Global Supply Chain. “It was critical that we partnered with the right company, and HealthLink’s focus on delivering world class service matches our approach to our customers.”


HealthLink, a total solution provider based in Brabant, has grown exponentially in the past years. Their focus has been on establishing relations for companies around the world who want to outsource or expand their services and products to the European market.

“Aside from our central location to handle logistics, we also support Dexcom through our experienced customer service team, providing a solid platform for growth as Dexcom expands into other European countries. Dexcom brings huge value to the European market with their CGM system,” says Rick Hughes, President at HealthLink Europe, who welcomed Dexcom’s representatives on their September 16th visit at the Den Bosch office.

Invest in Holland network

A connection between both parties was made almost a year ago by the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), Holland International Distribution Council (HIDC) and the Brabant Development Agency (BOM). All three agencies work closely together to respond to the increased attention from international enterprises for the Brabant region. As the demand for high quality logistics, technical skills and customer service keeps growing, Brabant has proven to distinguish itself as an outstanding region with a massive talent pool right in the heart of the European market.

Source: BOM Foreign Investments

16 September 2016

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