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Dutch Cities Featured in Architectural Digest and The Globe and Mail

Eindhoven and Rotterdam make headlines for design and architecture


This month, two North American media outlets named the Dutch cities of Eindhoven and Rotterdam hubs for modern design and architecture.

Architectural Digest highlighted Eindhoven’s transformation from an industrial town centered around Philips’ headquarters to a cultural design mecca. This transformation took center stage in October at the city’s 15th annual Dutch Design Week. Thanks to the Design Academy Eindhoven, the city has also become home to a creative community. Now, artists, furniture designers, architects and computer programmers alike thrive in Eindhoven.

“Eindhoven offers accessible studio spaces for young designers like us,” said designer Thomas Ballouhey in the article. “I was able to get back to a consistent workflow and spend most of my days in the workshop, just as I liked in school. I’m not sure this would have happened this fast in Paris or bigger cities where the financial pressure is weighing on you.”

Rotterdam has also experienced a transformation of its own, reported The Globe and Mail. Floating farms, unique pedestrian bridges and modern transportation hub are just a few of the port city’s new features. The city’s Market Hall is a standout building, often called “Rotterdam’s Sistine Chapel.”

In particular, The Globe and Mail article reports, “Rotterdam has been producing exhilarating works of contemporary architecture – quirky, cool and colourful train stations, food markets and bridges that not only stand out today, but point to an optimistic tomorrow.”

Holland’s History of Design

The Netherlands is a European capital of creative industry. In fact, Holland’s creative economy generates €12.1 billion annually. Cities like Eindhoven and Rotterdam also attract global entrepreneurs and businesses. In Holland, design, architecture and technology overlap. New York-based IBM chose the Netherlands for its IBM Design hub in 2015. Amsterdam’s “The Edge,” is also considered the world’s most intelligent office building. Overall, Holland’s creative industry has paved the way for design capitals like Eindhoven and Rotterdam.

Source: Architectural Digest, The Globe and Mail


9 January 2018

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