Eindhoven Labeled as Innovation City by The Guardian

The city’s talent pool, business resources and infrastructure combine to create innovation hub

innovation hub

Eindhoven is the most recent Dutch city recognized as an innovation hub for its progressive developments. The city’s unique “triple helix” approach optimizes collaboration between the Dutch government, businesses and knowledge institutions. As a result of its recent innovations, the city is attracting new start-ups and knowledge-hungry individuals.

In particular, The Guardian shone a light on Eindhoven’s urban innovation. The outlet covered 3D-printed houses, “living labs” among crowds, and the Brainport “smart district” to test technology and community initiatives.

Mark van Haasteren, national managing director of Q-Park, said in the article that Eindhoven is “a ‘very active and progressive city’ where the municipality collaborates with university and businesses to improve city life.” This creative atmosphere is ideal for attracting talent and business professionals.

Similarly, Yasin Torunoğlu, Eindhoven’s deputy mayor for housing, districts and participation said, “We’ve become the city where knowledge-intensive companies base themselves and combine with designers: we have the nerds and the hippies.”

Innovation City

One of Eindhoven’s most notable ongoing projects is Theo Salet’s quest to complete the world’s first concrete 3D-printed home. The Dutch plan to have five 3D-printed homes on the market next year. By the same token, Eindhoven is working with its University of Technology and ENS Clean Air to create a system that will extract particles to improve air-quality. Eindhoven’s growing presence as innovators in the Netherlands will build upon the country’s reputation the “creative capital of Europe.”

Data protection is also important to Dutch cities such as Eindhoven. ““We want to have an open data platform where all companies can take data out. The people who live in the district can decide to share their anonymised data or not. If they share it, they benefit, maybe financially or with better services,” explained Prof Elphi Nelissen of the Eindhoven University of Technology.

The Netherlands’ strong entrepreneurial spirit paired with an innovative environment, such as Eindhoven, creates the ideal environment for start-ups and innovators to thrive. As The Guardian puts it, “Eindhoven wants to be a place where the future is already on trial.”

Source: The Guardian

28 June 2018

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