European Innovation Scoreboard Ranks the Netherlands as Innovation Leader

According to the European Innovation Scoreboard 2020, the Netherlands is one of the top 5 innovation leaders in Europe

The Netherlands belongs to the top of EU Innovation Leaders

The 2020 European Innovation Scoreboard of the EU commission shows that the Netherlands steadily belongs in the top 5 Innovation Leaders in Europe. With the Netherlands ranking fourth, after Sweden, Denmark, and Finland, the top is similar to last year. Luxembourg completes the top five of EU Innovation Leaders. The scoreboard shows that EU’s innovation performance continues to improve, surpassing the United States for the second year.

Encouraging innovation

To achieve a high-level op innovation performance, countries need a balanced innovation system that performs well across all dimensions. An appropriate level of public and private investment in education, research and development skills, effective innovation partnerships among companies and academia as well as an innovation-friendly business environment, including strong digital infrastructure are needed.

According to the European Innovation Scoreboard 2020, the Netherlands is ranking high across all dimensions. With strongest dimensions being innovation-friendly environment and public-private co-publications. This is not a surprise, as the innovation-friendly business environment is one of the top priorities of the Dutch government. Moreover, strategic partnerships between science, industry and government are highly encouraged.

Highly educated, skilled, and flexible talent pool

The Innovation Scoreboard indicates additional high scores for the Netherlands on the dimensions of Foreign doctorate students, International scientific co-publications, and Lifelong learning. As the Netherlands is home to 14 universities, 34 universities of personal education and a variety of specialized training facilities, making it an one of the top 10 education systems in the world. As a result, international talent is attracted to study and work in the Netherlands.

From the Delft University of Technology – a top 20 university for engineering and technology – to Wageningen University – one of the top three global agri-food universities, to the Technical University of Eindhoven, considered the third most influential for scientific research in Europe – Dutch institutions offer businesses a highly educated, skilled, and flexible talent pool.

In conclusion, the Netherlands’ highly educated, English-speaking workforce and accessible government provide companies with the knowledge and resources they need. The Netherlands is a true hub for innovation. In fact, the European R&D location of major companies like Philips, IBM, Mars, SABIC, Huawei and Unilever are situated in the Netherlands. Resulting in the Netherlands as the 2nd highest number of patent applications per million inhabitants in Europe.

European Innovation Scoreboard

The EIS demonstrates the EU’s and Member States commitment towards research and innovation. It also supports the development of policies to enhance innovation in Europe and inform policy makers in a rapidly changing evolving global context. The innovation performance is measured using 27 performance indicators, distinguishing between ten innovation dimensions in four main categories. For full definitions of all performance indicators and contextual indicators, find the accompanying EIS 2020 Methodology Report here.

Source: European Commission

25 June 2020

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