FIN-PAY Establishes its First European Office in the Netherlands

Australian firm aims to advance innovative payment technology from its new location in Rotterdam

Left: Jan Willem v.d. Kolk, Business Manager High Tech, Rotterdam Partners. Right: Maddox Burhall, Director of UK/EU, FIN-PAY

The Australian fintech firm FIN-PAY is opening its first office in Europe in the Netherlands to accelerate its business. FIN-PAY is locating at the Cambridge Innovation Center in Rotterdam. The move underlines the company’s ambition to further its innovative payment technology and to tap into the European market.

Founded in 2019, FIN-PAY is one of the world’s fastest-growing and largest payment aggregators. The FIN-PAY app transforms mobile phones into payment terminals, enabling merchants to accept any form of payment from their customers. The company’s payment solution provides merchants with full access to the digital economy and equitable access to the data and metrics that drive their businesses.

Contributing to the digital economy

With its move to the Netherlands, FIN-PAY becomes part of the Dutch fintech ecosystem and will contribute to the digital economy by expanding payment acceptance for merchants, in Europe and globally. Consumers around the world are increasingly adopting novel payment methods with COVID-19 accelerating the trend towards a cashless society. In a post-pandemic world, businesses seek safe, secure and simple ways to accept payments.

Maddox Burhall, FIN-PAY’s EU and UK Director: ‘The challenge for FIN-PAY, like many fintechs, is to rapidly scale our business to meet demand and support merchants as they increasingly access globally interconnected commerce. As we build the future of payments, we’re bringing in highly specialised team members committed to our vision to deliver a truly global frictionless transaction product.’

Stef Prinsen, senior account manager digital technology at InnovationQuarter, is pleased to see FIN-PAY come to Rotterdam. ‘The Netherlands has a strong track record in fintech and we’re very excited to see FIN-PAY joining the Dutch finance and fintech ecosystem. We expect the company to build a strong international team in Rotterdam.’ 

Innovating in the Dutch fintech ecosystem

FIN-PAY’s Dutch offices add to the company’s two home locations in Australia and a third in the Philippines.

FIN-PAY said a prime motivator for its choice for the Netherlands was its fruitful collaboration with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), InnovationQuarter and Rotterdam Partners, within the Invest in Holland network. The NFIA provided support and information regarding national guidelines, while InnovationQuarter assisted FIN-PAY in establishing its European office, as well as introducing the company to investors and potential partners in the local ecosystem. The Rotterdam Expat Centre also provided support.

Burhall explains: ‘As a technology company, we are jurisdictionally agnostic when it comes to the location of many areas of operations including development, design and commercial sales. This means we are able to explore opportunities such as the one offered to us in Rotterdam by the NFIA and InnovationQuarter.’

Source: Innovation Quarter


20 September 2022

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