Hazera Opens New Crucifer R&D Station in Holland

Ready for the future

The official opening of Hazera’s new crucifer R&D station in Warmenhuizen took place on Tuesday 6 March 2018. The research station offers state-of-the-art facilities required by breeders to accelerate and improve breeding processes.

Photo: Rik van Wijk (Breeding Director Cruciferae Hazera), Rami Dar (CEO Hazera), Jelle Beemsterboer (Municipality of Schagen),  Philippe Aymard and Frank Berger (Limagrain Board of Directors) carrying out the official opening act by cutting a cabbage.

The new facilities consist largely of greenhouses, research rooms and offices, and comply with the latest ecological building standards. In total, the new station covers 10 hectares, substantially more than its previous Dutch location. “And that makes us ready for the future”, according to Hazera’s Breeding Director Cruciferae, Dr. Rik van Wijk. With the new means and equipment, Hazera breeds varieties that belong to the Cruciferae group including vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and radish.

Center for innovative plant breeding

Partners from all over the world came to celebrate with the Hazera team, including the board of the Limagrain Group, customers, suppliers, as well as national and local government representatives.  Carolien Wagenaar, Program Manager at Seed Valley: “Hazera’s new research center once again confirms that Seed Valley is the center for innovative plant breeding. It strengthens our position as a global center.”

About Hazera

Hazera is a global leader in the seed industry. The company breeds, develops, produces and markets varieties and seeds in a wide range of vegetable crops around the world. Hazera’s headquarters are situated in Israel and the Netherlands, with subsidiaries in twelve countries and an extensive distribution network providing services in over 100 additional markets.

Hazera is part of the Limagrain Group, an international agri-business based in France. Being a farmers’ cooperative, the Limagrain Group understands the needs of its customers and has grown to become the largest seed company in Europe, specializing in vegetables, field crops and cereal products. Limagrain’s vegetable seed division is the second largest company in the industry.

Source: Hazera

9 March 2018

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