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3 Reasons Why Holland is the Secure Gateway to Europe

The Netherlands advances cybersecurity innovation and resources for global companies

The Netherlands has a long history of IT innovation, serving as the birthplace of groundbreaking inventions like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and DVDs. Today, ComputerWeekly reports that Holland’s newest technological export is cybersecurity, producing and employing security expertise across the world.

How does the Netherlands stay on the cutting edge of mitigating cybercrime and helping businesses stay digitally secure? In advance of Cyber Security Week, here’s a look at why Holland is considered Europe’s safeguard of the digital frontier.

1. Global IT Companies Invest in Holland

With an unparalleled IT infrastructure and tech-savvy, English-speaking workforce, the Netherlands is Europe’s leading hotspot for international IT companies. Multinational firms like Cisco, Infosys, Huawei and Microsoft have all chosen to invest in Holland. In fact, 60% of all Forbes 2000 companies active in the IT industry have established operations in the Netherlands.

Thanks to continuous industry investment by these global brands, the Netherlands digital economy continues to rapidly grow. Today, Holland is the fourth largest exporter of IT services and approximately 70 percent of Dutch innovation is IT related.

Holland’s mild climate, central location and robust renewable energy market are also ideal for IT operations like data centers. For example, Google recently announced plans to purchase sustainable electricity from Holland’s largest solar park for their Eemshaven data center.

2. One of the World’s Most Wired Countries


Ranked one of the world’s most wired countries, Holland is ideal for multinationals seeking more than just speed and reliability. The Netherlands’ telecommunications network is 100% digital and extremely secure. According to Eurostat, the Netherlands is among Europe’s two safest countries in terms of protecting against cybercrime and Internet hacks.

The Netherlands also has the world’s second-highest penetration of household broadband connections, further supporting our business and personal networks. This secure connection expands far past the EU too, as most transatlantic sea cables between Europe and North America link directly to the Netherlands.

3. The Dutch Built Europe’s Largest Security Cluster

Source: The Hague Security Delta

In the Netherlands, we know that collaboration generates success. That’s why Holland is home to Europe’s largest security cluster, The Hague Security Delta (HSD.) Comprised of three hubs, HSD is a network of businesses, governments and knowledge organizations which work together to advance cybersecurity. While each HSD hub specializes in unique fields, The Hague focuses on cybersecurity, including national security and critical infrastructure. In fact, there are over 400 security companies operating in the Dutch capital alone. Thanks to these firms, there are more than 15,200 employees working every day to keep Dutch assets cyber secure.

Dutch cybersecurity collaboration is further promoted through important events which draw in international audiences, including the second annual Cyber Security Week. Held September 25-29 in The Hague, this 4-day event brings together the latest developments, innovations and partners in global cybersecurity.

Apart from major events, The Hague also attracts a wide range of international cybersecurity organizations, like the NATO Communications and Information Agency and the European Cybercrime Center, which strengthens cybercrime law enforcement in the EU.

Finally, Holland pushes the field of cybersecurity with homegrown ventures too. For example, the Netherlands’ Center for Information Security and Privacy Protection develops frameworks for companies implementing new IT systems. Within academia, three Dutch universities created the Cyber Security Academy to offer multidisciplinary learning tracks for executives of all backgrounds.

The Secure Gateway to Europe

As digital security increases as a global concern, Holland is at the forefront of fighting cybercrime and international security breaches. Through investment and collaboration, the Netherlands will continue to lead Europe, and the world, in cybersecurity innovation.

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18 September 2017

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