IBM’s Global Location Trends Show the Netherlands Excels in Quality Job Creation

Holland also attained its second highest FDI performance in history in 2017

The Global Locations Trends 2018 Report, released annually by IBM, reports the Netherlands ranks No. 6 globally for the average job value of investment projects.  Holland continues to attract high quality inward investment projects.

job value

The Netherlands is also a strong performer for overall number of jobs created through FDI. In 2017, the Netherlands ranked 12th in Europe and 29th globally based on the number of jobs created through new announced FDI projects.

In total, 367 new FDI projects were registered by IBM, which is the second best performance historically, after the record of 426 projects in 2016. These projects generated 12,686 additional jobs in the Netherlands.

The Amsterdam/Rotterdam metropolitan area ranks 4th in the global ranking based on the number of projects (with a minimum of 10 jobs). In total, 148 projects qualified. London, Paris, Singapore and Chicago make up the remainder of the top five of this ranking.

Value Indicator for quality of jobs

In many countries, it is not only the number of jobs from FDI that is important, but also the type of jobs. More specifically, many countries are primarily interested in attracting higher-value investment projects that create high-paying and/or knowledge-intensive jobs. To this end, IBM-PLI developed an FDI Value Indicator that assigns a value to each investment project, depending on sector and type of business activity. This value indicator does not measure the absolute number of jobs, but rather assesses the added value and knowledge intensity of the jobs created by the investment project. As such, this Value Indicator allows us to evaluate the job value of the investment projects attracted.

Top investing countries and sectors

In 2017, the majority of ‘foreign’ jobs were created by companies from the United States, Germany, India and the UK. The investing companies come from various industry sectors, predominantly from ICT, wholesale and retail, distribution and logistics and high tech such as electronics.

About IBM Global Location Trends

IBM’s annual Global Location Trends report presents and analyses the latest developments in corporate location selection around the world. The analysis is based on real life decisions made by companies about where to establish new operations or expand existing business around the world.

Source: IBM Global Location Trends 2018

31 August 2018

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