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How the Invest in Holland Network Helps Foreign-Owned Subsidiaries

Subsidiaries and branch offices of foreign-owned companies fulfill a wide range of strategic roles for their parent organizations: from a regional sales office, to European head office or localized manufacturing or R&D center. The foreign-owned subsidiary often has a complex relationship with the parent company due to various cultural and economic factors, such as the country of origin of the parent company and level of devolved decision-making authority. The subsidiary is somewhat like a post of empire; bound by the culture of the organization that has formed it, but required to function successfully in a foreign environment subject to different sets of rules and regulations.

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Global vs. Local

In this respect, foreign-owned subsidiaries have a widely varying set of requirements in comparison with local businesses. Aspects that would be considered ‘normal’ and ‘everyday’ in their country of origin, can become challenges for already difficult tasks: How to explain, and capitalize on, various local economic or fiscal incentives, when a Head Office, or CFO, may be on the other side of the world? How to deal with cultural issues that may arise due to different sets of values and beliefs in the Netherlands as compared to the home country? Such issues can affect everything from employee rights and working hours, to marketing and promotion.

Support Network

Fortunately, companies that choose to set up operations in the Netherlands can rely on a helping hand to guide them through this process of acclimation and assimilation. The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, and its regional partners like BOM Foreign Investments, provides a comprehensive support network to ensure that companies coming into the country for the first time?as well as those already located here?always have expert local advice at hand. Whether it be issues with building permits, finding new premises or sites for development, questions regarding employment law, understanding tax incentives, or help with business development and networking, this local team of experts is at your disposal, free of charge.

Invest in Holland Can Help You…

  • Save time: By providing direct introductions to organizations, networks and institutions that are relevant for your company, such as government, knowledge institutes, industry bodies and commercial service providers.
  • Save money: By furnishing you with information regarding subsidies, incentives, possible tax benefits and funding opportunities that may be applicable to your company.
  • Strengthen your inter-company position: By helping you construct a business case for your head office for further expansion of your activities, such as benchmarking the Netherlands and providing connections to local networks and suppliers in order to achieve the optimal benefit from your location.
  • With recruitment and talent issues: By helping you to find and secure talent and providing answers to labor law and visa requirements, as well as cross-cultural advice and links to universities and international schools.
  • Make sense of legislation: By offering free advice in matters regarding rules, regulations and permits, and by providing you with the appropriate contacts through our direct links with the relevant authorities.

Advantech is one of the many foreign companies that worked with the Invest in Holland network during various stages of setting up operations in the Netherlands. Contact us directly to discuss how we can help get your business up and running in Europe.

BOM Foreign Investments, an Invest In Holland partner organization, contributed to this Orange Blog.

10 August 2016

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