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IT Company Agilitas sets up post-Brexit Logistics Hub in the Netherlands

British company Agilitas IT Solutions launches a new logistics hub in the Netherlands to cater to its EU customers in the wake of Brexit

Agilitas in the Netherlands

The new center in the Netherlands will allow Agilitas to continue EU business in wake of the trade agreement between UK and EU. Its presence ensures that customers and partners will be provided with the same continuity of business and that Agilitas’ logistics services and supply chain management will not be disrupted because of the deal agreed upon by the EU and UK, said the channel firm.

John Street, Operations Director at Agilitas, commented: “As an international solutions provider with a strong presence in Europe, guaranteeing continuity and stability through the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union was always of significant importance to Agilitas and our customers. While it is certainly encouraging that a trade deal has now been agreed between the UK and EU, it was also paramount for Agilitas to be prepared for every potential scenario.”

Prepared for the regulatory challenges

The new hub of Agilitas in the Netherlands will better position the company to handle the challenges surrounding trade, tariffs and free movement that are anticipated as a result of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. Following the EU referendum in 2016, Agilitas established a Brexit task force that would actively monitor developments to ensure that the UK business would be safeguarded throughout the withdrawal and subsequent transition period. A key priority of the dedicated group was to minimize the impact of any regulatory changes that could affect Agilitas’ ability to serve both its UK and European markets.

“International businesses such as Agilitas should always be prepared for change,” continued Street. “We have been working closely with our supply chain partners over the past few months, implementing agile action plans to allow us to continue to support our EU customers, who need to receive the levels of service they are accustomed to.”

A strategic location within Europe

The new hub of Agilitas in the Netherlands will be used to hold technology hardware. It will also enable the IT innovator to continue EU business without impacting its logistics services and supply chain management. As Europe’s most wired country, the Netherlands is one the best countries for tech companies. Businesses that invest in the Netherlands’ technology and IT sector thrive, thanks to the tech-savvy, multilingual Dutch workforce, the great digital infrastructure, an innovative and open culture, R&D incentives and the strong focus of the Dutch government on developments in tech.

The Netherlands is also a digital frontrunner. The country hosts one of the world’s leading internet exchanges (AMS-IX) and the Dutch digital infrastructure offers 98% fast broadband coverage and 99% 4G coverage. Companies housed in the Netherlands can trust on these reliable digital connections when choosing to operate in one of the most wired countries in the world.

The choice of Agilitas to set up a logistics hub in the Netherlands, is a strategic choice. Major European economies, including Germany, the United Kingdom and France, are all within a day’s reach of the Netherlands. Through world-class airports and high-speed rail, road and waterways, the Netherlands’ infrastructure opens opportunities within the rest of Europe, and beyond. It provides access to 170 million consumers within a 500km radius and 244 million consumers within a 1000km radius of the Netherlands. This means the Netherlands offers companies the perfect springboard to reach the whole European market.

Source: Agilitas


14 January 2021

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