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Information Technology Firm Innodisk Expands in the Netherlands

Fast-growing Taiwan-based high-tech company opens new European headquarters in Eindhoven

Innodisk information technology Netherlands

Innodisk, the fast-growing Taiwan-based global information technology firm, has opened a new European headquarters in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The grand opening on 5 March was officiated by the Vice Mayor of the City of Eindhoven, Monique List.

Innodisk is a provider of industrial embedded flash and storage products and technologies, with a focus on enterprise, industrial and aerospace industries. Together with another nine facilities around the world, Innodisk covers the global market for storage solutions, employing 700 people.

Brainport Eindhoven

Brainport Eindhoven is very proud to be the host of this well-recognized high-tech company”, said Vice Mayor List. “Innodisk’s continuous commitment to technical innovation fits right in with the top technology region we currently are and will most definitely improve the quality of our high-tech cluster.”

Taiwanese community

Innodisk has been active in the Netherlands information technology sector since 2011 when it opened its first office in the province of Brabant. The company chose the region because of the easy access to European markets, the well-rooted local Taiwanese community and the proximity to the Brainport Eindhoven high tech cluster.

Rapid growth

In 2017 Innodisk expanded its European activities and relocated to a new building in Eindhoven. Less than two years later, due to substantial growth of its European business, the company required even more space. The newest location houses the company’s European headquarters, marketing and sales, and services and distribution operations.

Anita Po, Managing Director for Innodisk Europe said: “Currently, Innodisk employs approximately 20 people. Our company now shows an annual growth of 15%, and around 30 people will be needed within the next three years”.

Contributing to the high-tech ecosystem

“Innodisk is an important asset to the high-tech ecosystem in the Eindhoven area, and definitely contributes to the strong reputation of the Brabant region as an excellent stepping stone for international companies doing business in Europe”, said Eelko Brinkhoff, Director of BOM Foreign Investments.

Together with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) and Brainport Development, his agency assisted Innodisk with relocating the operation.

NFIA Award of Appreciation

In 2018, Innodisk received NFIA’s ‘Award of Appreciation’ for its continuous presence in the Netherlands since 2011, and its role as enthusiastic corporate ambassador for the country.

Source: Brabant Development Agency (BOM)

6 March 2019

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