Jama Software Opens European Headquarters in the Netherlands

Oregon-based IT company’s European headquarters in Amsterdam will serve global customers

European headquarters

Portland, Oregon-based IT company Jama Software opened a new European headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The company’s expansion will meet growing global customer needs due to an influx of companies building smart, connected products. Jama Software is a leader in product development software, offering customers its cloud-based productivity platform.

Jama Software’s recent customer growth is in large part due to IoT transforming industries and the increasing popularity of smart, connected products. The company’s new and current customers include those in the medical, automotive, semiconductor, aerospace, consumer and industrial technologies fields. Abbott Diagnostics, Cadence Design Systems, Facebook Connectivity Lab, Spaceflight Industries and NIO Automotive are all among this list.

“As a global business, a significant portion of our R&D takes place in Europe. Jama Software’s success underpins our success and I’m very pleased to see Jama Software expanding its presence in the European market.” said Grant More of Analog Devices, a Jama Software customer. “Jama Software plays a valuable role in our product development process and we look forward to even closer partnership with them into the future.”

Innovation capital of Europe

According to the Industrial Research Institute, more than 21 percent of the world’s R&D investment and more than $300 billion in R&D spending came from Europe in 2016. The Dutch are leading the way with a world-class, open innovation R&D sector consisting of more than 1,700 firms.

In Jama Software’s 2017 fiscal year, more than 100 new companies globally started using the company’s product development platform. Additionally, 250 existing customers expanded their usage.

“Our entire company is laser-focused on the mission of modernizing, digitizing and transforming the complex product development process for our customers” said Scott Roth, CEO of Jama Software. “Many of the world’s most innovative products are being built using Jama Software. Therefore, it’s essential that we evolve our organizational structure and offerings to serve the growing needs of our customers.”

Considered one of the most wired countries in the world, the Netherlands is also a hotspot for IT operations. In fact, many Forbes 2000 companies active in the IT industry have already established operations in Holland. Some of these companies include Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Intel, IBM, Verizon and Google.

Source: Jama Software

7 June 2017

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