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Jellice Pioneer Europe Expands Operations in the Netherlands

Japan-based gelatin producer doubles capacity and increases jobs in Emmen

Jellice, gelatin

On 18 September Jellice Pioneer Europe celebrated the official opening of its expanded production facility in Emmen. With the expansion, the Japan-based international manufacturer of high-quality gelatin expects to increase production from some 5,000 to more than 10,000 tons per year at the Emmen site.

Most modern gelatin factory in Europe

Jellice Pioneer is an international leader in the production of high-quality gelatin for the Asian and International markets. Its production site in Emmen opened in 2010 and is the most modern gelatin factory in Europe. The Emmen factory exclusively produces pigskin based gelatin for use in confectionary, desserts, dairy, meat, beverages, nutritional and health products.

In 2017, Jellice Pioneer purchased land in the business park Emmtec-Zuid in Emmen, to expand its operations, thereby reaffirming its commitment to manufacturing in the Netherlands.

Continued commitment to Holland’s high-tech manufacturing infrastructure

The official opening was attended by an international delegation of Jellice Group directors from Japan, Taiwan, and India as well as the company’s founders, Mr. and Mrs. Inai.

Bouke Arends, alderman for economic development in Emmen, stressed his support for Jellice Pioneer’s decision to grow its business in that municipality.  “This investment is a show of confidence in the Emmen location,” Arends said. “Moreover, the expansion contributes to job growth in and around Emmen.”

About Jellice Group

Jellice Group has five factories worldwide (Japan, India, China, Taiwan & the Netherlands), and has a total yearly capacity of 15,000 tons. With its capability of supplying gelatin and collagen from different origins (mainly pigskin, but also fish, poultry & bovine bone) Jellice Group is active within the food, pharmaceutical, health & cosmetic industries for all sorts of applications.

Source: City of Emmen (Dutch press release)

21 September 2018

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