Kiitos Technologies Sets Up European Office in the Netherlands

IT social engineering firm Kiitos opens in Amsterdam to make software for scale-ups and corporates

Kiitos Netherlands

The IT company Kiitos has established its European office in Amsterdam, becoming the first Palestinian software firm with an office in the Netherlands.

Due to the growth potential of the Dutch IT sector, Kiitos has chosen to locate its marketing and sales office in the Netherlands. Based also in Nablus, the company began collaborating with well-known scale-ups across Europe under the guidance of the Netherlands Representative Office in Ramallah.

Mobile apps and e-commerce solutions

Kiitos builds enterprise mobile apps, provides custom e-commerce solutions, and engineers web apps. The company’s target customers include scale-ups and corporations looking for IT solutions.

Kiitos’ clients benefit today from affordable, high quality software services and technology consultation. Kiitos’ clients include top ten fastest growing Dutch startups and well respected corporate accelerators.

Social engineering through technology

Kiitos was established in 2018 by INSEAD MBAs and aspiring entrepreneurs, Jafar Shunnar and Christian Vezjak. The business partners combined their expertise to form a new venture focused on stimulating societal progress through software engineering.

Kiitos enables companies to make a conscious decision to become a changemaker by providing a socially, financially and culturally beneficial IT outsourcing option.

Through a strategic partnership with Gaza Sky Geeks (a tech hub supported by the NGO Mercy Corps), Kiitos delivers IT projects in Europe employing savvy, ingenuitive and resilient coders from GSG’s Code Academy.

Progress for the future

This year Kiitos and Gaza Sky Geeks plan to hire more Code Academy graduates. The company has also started expanding its physical presence to Gaza. The need for software services is ever growing and Kiitos is on the lookout for socially-minded agents of change, especially in the progressive Dutch market.

Vezjak said: “A few months into the journey we realized we were in a singular position to make an impact in the region and we adapted accordingly. We were no longer just a software engineering business, we were engineering change.”

Source: Kiitos Technologies


3 February 2020

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