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Dutch Life Sciences and Health Industry Offers Gateway to European Market for LumaCyte

Biotech company establishes in the Netherlands to meet growing demand in European biopharma market

Biotech company establishes in Netherlands to meet growing demand in European biopharma market

US-based LumaCyte is expanding to the Dutch life sciences and health industry to meet rising demand in the European biopharma market. The biotech company, which specializes in advanced bioanalytics instrumentation, has experienced a rapid increase in global demand for Radiance®, its label-free single cell analysis instrument.

With a large portion of that demand coming from Europe, LumaCyte chose the Netherlands for its expansion to the European market. Home to a unique cluster of life sciences and health companies, world-class research institutes and high-quality infrastructure, the Netherlands is on the leading edge of life sciences innovation in Europe.

“European biopharma and contract development & manufacturing organization (CDMO) scientists often ask if we have representation in the region as they search for innovative tools to alleviate their production and quality control bottlenecks,” said Dr. Sean Hart, LumaCyte CEO. “We can now finally say yes to this important question,” Hart noted.

By expanding to the Netherlands, LumaCyte joins a growing number of global companies that have found success in the Dutch life sciences and health industry. These include pharmaceutical company MSD, medical technology company Medtronic and many others.

Scientific Expertise and Exceptional Customer Service

With European researchers and scientists forming the biotech company’s customer base, LumaCyte needs qualified professionals who exhibit both scientific expertise and multilingual proficiency.

“At LumaCyte, we’re obsessed with delivering exceptional customer service, so having Laser Force Cytology™ (LFC) experts who understand our customers’ unique needs, and are located in the same region, is critical to delivering the highest level of service,” said Renée Hart, LumaCyte President and Chief Business Officer.

Built on the strength of the Netherlands’ R&D innovation ecosystem, the Dutch life sciences and health industry provides the ideal environment for LumaCyte to thrive in the European biopharma market.

About LumaCyte

LumaCyte is an advanced research and bioanalytics instrumentation company headquartered in Charlottesville, VA. LumaCyte produces label-free, single cell analysis and sorting instrumentation where the use of antibody or genetic labeling is not required for cellular analysis. Applications of LumaCyte’s label-free platform technology include viral infectivity for vaccine development and manufacturing, cell and gene therapy, cancer biology R&D and pre-clinical drug discovery, in addition to multiple applications across the biomanufacturing sector for quality control and process optimization.

Source: Business Wire

3 March 2020

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