Mirapath Opens its First European Office in Holland

Mirapath is a fast growing data center and engineering lab infrastructure provider


Mirapath, Inc., a trusted provider of data center and engineering lab infrastructure, announced today that it is expanding internationally with the opening of its first European office in Moordrecht, the Netherlands to address its global customers’ demand.

Concurrent with this new office, Mirapath successfully completed its first European project – a full build out of an engineering lab for a leading cybersecurity company based in the U.S. The project encompassed procurement, delivery, and installation of infrastructure hardware. Combining technical, logistics, and project management expertise, the Mirapath team completed the project on schedule and within budget.

Tremendous milestone

“The opening of the new European office marks a tremendous milestone for Mirapath,” said Doris Yeh, CEO and Co-Founder of Mirapath. “It reinforces our commitment to deliver value to our customers anywhere in the world through well built, scalable infrastructure.”

About Mirapath

Mirapath is a fast growing data center and engineering lab infrastructure provider. Trusted by Fortune 500 and Silicon Valley 150 companies, Mirapath provides the framework for tailored, scalable, and high-performing data centers and engineering labs. Mirapath designs, deploys, and manages infrastructure for high-growth and enterprise organizations including Pandora, VMware, Cisco, HP, Pure Storage, Tesla, and Google.

Source: Mirapath

31 August 2016

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