Mitsui Chemicals Group Selects Holland for Production of Innovative Plastic Materials 

Company strengthens its world-class position and meets growing demand for lightweight polypropylene car parts in Europe

Due to the worldwide trend to limit greenhouse gas emissions, the automotive market has seen a sharp increase in demand for lightweight solutions based on polypropylene plastic materials. In this way the weight of cars is reduced and this has a positive effect on fuel consumption and therefore on the reduction of CO2 emissions. This contributes to the further sustainability of car use.

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Impression of planned building of the production location of Mitsui Chemicals Group at Chemelot Industrial Park in the Netherlands

By establishing a branch in the Netherlands that focuses on production, sales, technological service structure and R&D functionalities, the company is able to expand its European market and to serve customers directly and tailor-made. Mitsui also strengthens their Group’s global network.

Automotive cluster is well represented at Chemelot

After a careful selection procedure, Mitsui Chemicals has the intention to establish at Chemelot. This is partly due to the fact that the automotive cluster at Chemelot is well represented with players such as SABIC, Arlanxeo, DSM, Sekisui, Brightlands Materials Center, Polyscope, and with VDL Nedcar and a number of suppliers in the immediate environment. In addition, the presence of the umbrella license, central utilities and maintenance offers a great advantage. The presence of the Brightlands Chemelot Campus also offers opportunities for the European R & D facilities of the organization.

“We are confident that our location at Chemelot will be extremely beneficial in providing global service and best quality materials for our key global and local customers. We would to especially thank the Province of Limburg and Chemelot for the outstanding support during our investigation,” said Mr. Niki, Director Global Planning Mitsui Chemicals Inc.

Production planned to start in mid-2020

In first instance, the production location will be realized at the Industrial Park, for which the license application has already been submitted to the authorities. The planning is that production will start mid-2020, resulting in direct employment of about 100 jobs. This is not a heavy chemical industry. The production consists of compounding polypropylene (mixing plastics with fillers at higher temperatures).

The Mitsui Chemicals Group now has production sites in eight of the most important global markets (Japan, United States, Europe, Mexico, Thailand, China, India, Brazil) and five R & D locations (Japan, US, Europe, Thailand, China), for high-quality PP compound used in automotive applications, and improvement of production, sales, technology service structure. In addition, there is an R & D function at these locations to provide a solution for the large demand from car manufacturers to further reduce the weight of the cars.

About Mitsui Chemicals Group

Japan-based Mitsui Chemicals Group is a global company focused on providing sustainable solutions for mobility, health care, food and packaging, and basic materials. The company aims to achieve sustainable development of society through innovative technologies, products and services.

Source: Mitsui Chemicals & Chemelot press release

1 June 2018

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