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Netherlands Leads Europe in Lifestyle Logistics

Fishing boots delivered to your doorstep

In their latest commercial, Zalando reaches out to today’s rugged sportsmen. These men don’t enjoy shopping but do like playing tennis, cooking and fishing in the rapids. All necessary supplies are of course available at this webstore, which is one of the largest in Europe.

Dutch logistic hubs score well on cost and quality.

Women are by no means the only ones buying shoes or clothes online for themselves or their children. Parcel carriers deliver everything imaginable and more nowadays. From a minuscule washer for your orange juice press to sophisticated tiny electronic gadgets, such as a voice recorder the size of a pen. Order before midnight, and you’ll find the package on your doorstep within 12 hours. Other options include a washing machine or an old-fashioned bathtub. And these stores feature a vast selection of lifestyle products, such as shoes, bags, designer apparel, household accessories or mountain sports gear.

Soaring online shopping

Online shopping has soared, increasing by over 20 percent in the Netherlands alone last year. In January 2017, web stores posted revenue increases of 14.4 percent compared with the previous January. Online revenue at ‘brick’ stores, where online sales are a sideline, even rose by 20.8 percent. Considering all those online purchases in other European countries, an excellent and rapid logistics system is clearly necessary to distribute all the orders.

Of course, the success of web stores such as Zalando, Alibaba and thousands of others all over the world did not just happen by itself. Good and speedy distribution and delivery are crucial, and consumers prefer shipping to be free of charge. The first web stores to figure this out now have a leading edge over others in terms of growth and success.

Dutch logistic hubs score well on cost and quality.

Dutch logistic hubs score well on cost and quality

The Netherlands is pivotal here, thanks to its logistics excellence. Without these renowned centers, European online consumers would very likely be much less satisfied and order less online. This also emerges from a recent study that the logistics association NDL/HIDC commissioned to compare the competitive strength of nine Dutch locations with nine locations in other countries in Europe. In terms of cost and quality alike, for example, the Dutch locations are highly competitive in distribution of lifestyle freight. The Dutch qualitative edge also makes for highly competitive regional fulfilment centers (e-commerce distribution).

High-end shoes and clothes from Far East processed by Dutch logistics centers

In the lifestyle product category, higher-end shoes and clothes are especially likely to be processed via Dutch logistics centers. Eighty percent of all lifestyle freight comes from the Far East. Most is sent on container vessels and the remainder by air transport. Transports from other EU countries (especially in Southern Europe) are primarily by road. The most important consumer markets for lifestyle products are in France, England, Italy and Germany. These countries cover 50 percent of all products that make the lives of European online shoppers more enjoyable and more convenient. Among the logistic centers examined, the locations with the highest scores ever are Venlo, Tilburg, Moerdijk, South Limburg and Amsterdam. Without these logistic hubs, which excel in cost and quality alike, online shopping would not be nearly as gratifying!

Orange Blog contributed by NDL/HIDC

1 June 2017

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