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PureWRX Chooses Holland for EMEA Operations

With support from the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), the US-based company picks the Netherlands for EMEA operations

PureWRX, a US-based company, has chosen the Netherlands for its EMEA operations. The company’s European expansion was supported by the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) in Atlanta and Holland International Distribution Council (HIDC).

EMEA operations

The company gives a new life to data center hardware by operating certified pre-owned and asset management programs for IT hardware manufacturers. PureWRX chose to invest in Holland for its world-class logistics network and connectivity of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol that will allow it to increase overall efficiency and access European markets.

“Our initial contact with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) in Atlanta was very helpful and to-the-point,” said Michiel van Keijsteren, Program Manager, EMEA PureWRX. “The Netherlands truly is a global hub for logistics and distribution, thanks to the connectivity, favorable business climate and the capabilities of the logistics industry,” added van Keijsteren.

Europe’s Leading Hub for Logistics Operations

The Netherlands is a leading location for logistics and distribution operations, thanks to its large amount of regional distribution centers, world-class seaports and extensive highway network. Holland is also home to the world-class Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, which provides businesses with another means of connectivity and distribution. With its top-notch logistics infrastructure, the Netherlands is the perfect springboard into the European market.

Source: HIDC

18 December 2018

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