SEKISUI S-Lec Increases Production at European Plants in Holland

The total cost of this capacity expansion will be around 155 million euros

SEKISUI S-Lec has decided to expand European film production for laminated glass in their Dutch plants in the province of Limburg.

SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. has decided to expand European film production with a new film line at its plant in Roermond, and a new resin line at its plant in Geleen. Both plants are located in the Netherlands. With the new film production line, the company mainly plans to produce wedge-shaped interlayer film for head-up displays (HUD), which project information such as speed onto car windshields.

Growing market for laminated-glass film

Throughout the globe, SEKISUI S-Lec develops and sells film for laminated glass used in cars and buildings. In the next few years, global car production is expected to increase by around 2% per year to 105 million by 2021 (compared with 94 million in 2016). Furthermore, the demand for laminated-glass film is expected to grow even faster than the increase in the number of cars manufactured, as the application of the film will be extended to include side windows and sunroofs. This investment will also equip the company to manufacture film for another growing market: windscreens suitable for head-up displays (HUDs). These displays incorporate technology that projects information, such as car speed, onto a transparent surface, such as a windscreen.

The total cost of this capacity expansion will be around 155 million euros.  Expansion work in Roermond and Geleen is planned to start in the second half of the 2019 financial year and the first half of the 2020 financial year respectively. The expansion is also expected to create dozens of jobs.


SEKISUI S-Lec B.V. is a leading worldwide company in glass interlayer technology for the automotive and the architectural industry. Its S-LEC™interlayer Film is applied to laminated glass in buildings and automobiles for safety, security and shielding. Forty years of continuous improvement of the company’s glass interlayer technology have made it the leading brand for PVB interlayer film in the automotive industry.

SEKISUI S-Lec B.V. is part of the Japanese SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. with over 23.000 employees worldwide. The SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group is a producer of a wide variety of plastic products for industrial and consumer applications, as well as products for infrastructure and housing services with the aim to enrich people’s lives and the social infrastructure.

Source: SEKISUI S-Lec


7 February 2018

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