Shimano European Headquarters Opened at High Tech Campus Eindhoven

“New start will give Shimano greater opportunity to thrive and contribute to prosperity of European bicycle, fishing and rowing world”

Bicycle components, fishing tackle and rowing equipment company Shimano marked the opening of its new European headquarters at the High Tech Campus (HTC) in Eindhoven on Monday 30 January 2017. The state-of-the-art new build office offers its 180 employees a clean, spacious working environment with an emphasis on technology and nature.

The building houses Shimano Europe’s product coordination, sales, marketing, quality control, finance, legal, IT and HR teams for cycling, fishing and rowing, as well as the product development team for cycle accessory brand PRO. Meanwhile Shimano also retains its Nunspeet office to take care of warehousing, Supply Chain activities and its Benelux operation.

Clever designs and environmentally friendly

Through the use of cleverly designed, environmentally-friendly features the new European headquarters in Eindhoven creates an inspiring atmosphere. Features like roof top solar panels take care of hot water requirements and smart water recycling systems reduce water consumption. The open character of the working space and glass exterior of the building creates a strong relationship with the green Brabant campus and allows natural light to radiate through the working space. Vertical metal wall slats protect the building from excessive heating by the sun and reflect light to the inside, further reducing the need for artificial light.

Amongst other environmental considerations these features resulted in the building achieving a 5-star BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) certification, which complements Shimano’s corporate message ‘closer to nature, closer to people’. Employees can also take inspiration from mobile working solutions that allow traditional ‘fixed-desk’ working to be minimized with attractive inside and outside areas, encourage employees to work in environments best suited to developing innovative products for cycling, fishing and rowing markets.

Moreover, Shimano’s European headquarters will become a haven for all things bike, fishing and rowing. Bicycles plus cycling, fishing and rowing apparel are dotted around the office and communal areas, proudly showcasing the latest Shimano products and technologies. On the ground floor ‘exploded components’ are suspended in display cases to show visitors how products are constructed. Meanwhile a nearby history wall takes visitors on a journey from Shimano’s origins in Sakai city, Japan, to the successful international company it has become today.

Welcomed to European market 45 years ago

Yozo Shimano, Shimano Inc. President: “We were welcomed to the European bicycle and fishing market 45 years ago. Since that time we have been striving to increase the social value of bicycles and fishing, and more recently rowing, and create those new cultures in Europe by offering our captivating products.  This new start in the center of intelligence here at the High Tech Campus will give Shimano a greater opportunity to thrive and contribute to the prosperity of the European bicycle, fishing and rowing world.”

Marc Van Rooij, Shimano Europe President: “Since being in the North Brabant region one can’t fail to see the strong entrepreneurial spirit, real enthusiasm between companies and their people, and the collaborative affection and winners’ mentality that Eindhoven and the High Tech Campus offer Shimano. We intend to make use of these ingredients to make our company more successful in the near and long term, expanding the potential of what’s possible between the bike and the rider, an angler and their fishing tackle, or a rower and their boat. I am convinced that the surroundings at the High Tech Campus will offer us the opportunities to realize these challenges.

Source: Shimano Europe


31 January 2017

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