Startup Builder Creative Dock Opens Office in The Hague

“The future looks bright”

Startup builder from Prague, Czech Republic, was urged to The Hague as it feels the city is becoming more and more attractive for innovation.
Creative Dock team in The Hague

Creative Dock, a startup builder from Prague, Czech Republic, has officially opened an office in The Hague. The company helps to build startups for large corporates. Since their original start in Amsterdam last year the company has doubled their staff and was looking for a new location to grow and hire over 20 new employees before the end of 2019.

“Corporates often have a lot of ideas, but it is the execution that makes the difference. We believe in all kinds of innovation, and one form of this is outsourcing a part of the innovation process to us. We design propositions and test them in order to create a minimum viable product. If the results are positive, we roll out the product in the market”, says Tony van der Zanden, head of Operations at Creative Dock NL.

Startup ecosystem in The Hague

Creative Dock’s goal is to build disruptive startups on the edge of technology, designed to solve real customer problems. In recent years, The Hague has become a hub for innovative startups that are working towards a better and safer world. The municipality of The Hague actively assists these startups by creating the right conditions for them to thrive in, by means of their so-called ‘Impact Economy’-program. Creative Dock hopes to leverage of all activities and gain exposure to potential clients. As they have built a strong foothold in the fintech space in the eastern European market where some of their startups have grown to over 60 employees, The Hague’s financial ecosystem of multinational insurance companies and pension carriers are an interesting opportunity.

Van der Zanden’s ambition in The Hague is clear: “We really felt the urge to go to The Hague. This is mainly due to our feeling that The Hague is becoming more and more attractive for innovation. It has a lot of governmental operators, universities, innovation centers, startup areas, and corporates, which are all ingredients for a prosperous innovative environment to operate in. The future looks bright.”

About Creative Dock

Creative Dock is a startup builder from Prague, Czech Republic. They develop, test and run startups on behalf of multi-nationals, who want to invest in new ideas and innovation. Over the past 5 years they have worked with a variety of clients across multiple industries, such as: fintech, automotive, e-health, e-commerce, energy and insurance. Their new office in The Hague is a great addition to their existing activities in Canada, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and the US.

Source: The Hague Business Agency (THBA)

27 March 2018

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