The Dutch Have the Best Work-Life Balance, Says New Ranking

The OECD Better Life Index ranks the Netherlands as the best country balancing commitments

The Netherlands is the country with the best work-life balance, according to the latest OECD Better Life Index. The Netherlands secured 9.3 out of a possible 10 points based on how well Dutch households successfully balance work, family commitments and personal life.

According to the index, the Netherlands scored well in several categories which enabled its top ranking. The country boasts high literacy levels and citizens that are highly engaged in the political process. In addition, there is a strong sense of community across Holland.

Overall, the majority of people in the Netherlands rated their general satisfaction at 7.4 compared to OECD’s average of 6.5. “The Dutch are more satisfied with their lives than most,” noted a WEF blog.

The Netherlands leads 35 countries evaluated in the survey.

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Dutch Culture Strengthens Workforce

The Netherlands demonstrates that work-life balance can lead to a happier, more productive workforce. In fact, very few places in Europe can compare to the Netherlands’ volume of skilled workers. The Dutch also lose very little time to labor relations or disputes compared to Europe as a whole.

Finally, the Dutch talent pipeline is full of highly educated workers thanks to the country’s higher education system. It ranks No. 4 globally. The country’s universities graduate quality talent—90% of which is fluent in English. In conclusion, the Dutch will meet the demands of today’s global businesses.

Source: World Economic Forum

28 February 2018

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