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TRG Global Announces Expansion in the Netherlands

The leading hardware, software, and solutions provider in the mobile computing, barcode, POS and payment processing industries is expanding its presence in the Netherlands

TRG Global New Facility in Haarlem

TRG Global recently announced the expansion of its global operations with key personnel and office developments in the Netherlands. TRG Global’s new facility is located in Haarlem, just 20 minutes from the Dutch capital of Amsterdam. Based in the U.S., TRG Global is the leading solutions provider in the mobile computing, barcode, POS and payment processing industries.

First established in Nijmegen in 2015, TRG Global’s new facility in Haarlem will provide room for future growth. As a company that provides a variety of service options to its customers, TRG Global’s facility will also support its burgeoning activities in the European Union and beyond.

“Our business has grown significantly since launching TRG Global in 2015,” said TRG President Sean Kennedy. “This expansion establishes key team members as full-time, locally-based employees, which will strengthen our capabilities overseas and improve overall customer experience.”

“This is a clear indicator of the trust and investment our customers have placed in TRG,” said TRG Global Sales & Operations Manager Dogan Cakir. “Our new facility and expanded team will strengthen our support reach, streamline operations and meet growing demand for our products and services. I’m thrilled to be a part of this strategic development.”

Staying Connected in the Netherlands

When companies choose to invest in Holland, they stay connected to the world. This is thanks to the Netherlands’ infrastructure, connectivity and multilingual workforce. In fact, 90% of the Dutch population is fluent in English, making talented, English-speaking workers accessible for companies. TRG Global will also provide its mobile computing solutions with the help of the world’s leading internet exchange point: AMS-IX. In addition, TRG Global will streamline operations and meet growing demand for its products and services across Europe.

Source: TRG Global

19 August 2019

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