Growing green: US-based urban-gro Opens in the Netherlands

Offering solutions to the controlled environment agriculture sector, urban-gro expands in the greater Rotterdam-The Hague region

Employees from agriculture company urabn-gro pose for a group photo on the stairs in front of a brick building.

From left to right: Jesse de Bree (urban-gro), Menno Bijnagte (Deal Drecht Cities), Bert ten Veen (Municipality of Dordrecht), Arie Kamp (urban-gro), Maarten Hermus (InnovationQuarter), Maarten Burggraaf (Municipality of Dordrecht)

Colorado-based urban-gro, a leader in Controlled Environmental Agriculture (CEA) solutions, has opened its first international location in the greater Rotterdam-The Hague area. The expansion to the Netherlands provides urban-gro access to new partners, networks, and markets. This will help create innovative solutions for the future through sustainable indoor farming practices.

“Establishing a Netherlands-based division of our company allows us to apply tested best practices and proven expertise to meet the unique needs of European growers,” said Arie Kamp, Managing Director of urban-gro Europe. “We are incredibly excited to grow our team and continue building brand recognition in the region with the goal of making a positive impact on the EMEA CEA sector.”

This expansion will allow urban-gro to accelerate its business and benefit people and the planet from a country with like-minded values to its company. The Netherlands green sustainability efforts align closely with the goals of urban-gro. Furthermore, the Netherlands is a world-class leader in agrifood innovation. urban-gro will be able to collaborate with world-class research institutes, universities and public-private partnerships between science, industry and government.

Innovative agricultural solutions in the face of climate change 

Since 2014, urban-gro has focused on tackling eco-destructive agricultural practices. As a full-service CEA company, urban-gro helps agricultural organizations increase their facility efficiency and crop consistency. Growing crops in controlled, indoor environments, reduces emissions by bringing the supply chain closer to consumers. This allows urban-gro clients to decrease energy consumption which is a top priority for companies focused on sustainability.

World center for horticulture activity  

The greater Rotterdam-The Hague area is widely regarded as the center of the world’s horticulture industry. This is one of the many reasons urban-gro chose the region for its first office outside the U.S. Firm believers in collaboration, urban-gro can leverage an extensive ecosystem of agriculture experts in the Netherlands. This will allow the company to research and implement solutions for future agriculture needs.

Chris van Voorden, Head of Internationalisation at InnovationQuarter, noted that “urban-gro is a great example of a knowledge focused specialist in the horticultural supply chain, which we are excited to welcome in the region. Their expansion allows them for both a stronger connection to the horticultural technology suppliers and chain players, as well as being closer to the EMEA market. As a region we think they are a great addition to the ecosystem, especially with their knowledge, capacity and experience in controlled environment agriculture, often called indoor farming.”

The Invest in Holland Network played a role in urban-gro’s expansion. Arie Kamp, Managing Director of urban-gro Europe, highlights the crucial insight they have received noting, InnovationQuarter and the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency assisted in helping determine the location, how to set the right staff, connect with crucial tax and immigration information or issues.”

With the strength of the horticultural ecosystem in the Netherlands as a backbone, urban-gro will continue to find fertile grounds for agriculture innovation. The company’s decision to invest in Holland is welcome and advances sustainable practices for growers around the world. 

 Source: Innovation Quarter

7 December 2022

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