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American Vapor Apparel Expands to the Netherlands

South Carolina-based Vapor Apparel establishes European distribution center in Goor

distribution center

Vapor Apparel, based in North Charleston, South Carolina, has expanded to the Netherlands with a distribution center. The company provides digital printing and print-on-demand services for clothing and accessories. Vapor Apparel’s new, 20,000-square-foot facility handles sales and warehouse operations in Goor.

The company chose Holland for its first European facility due to the country’s strong business partners and efficient incorporation process.

Access to European Customers

Vapor Apparel’s new distribution center on the eastern side of the Netherlands will decrease delivery time to European customers and distributors. The company also has operations in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

“Our new operations will make it easier for our distributors to replenish stock, and we will operate our e-commerce and print-on-demand services for B-to-C customers as well,” said Vapor Apparel’s Chief Revenue Officer Chris Bernat.

The Netherlands offers proximity to more than 170 million consumers in 300 miles. This central location makes the country a perfect springboard into the European market. With a supportive corporate tax structure, highly educated, multilingual workforce and superior logistics infrastructure, Holland offers an ideal business climate. Countless multinationals have taken advantage of Holland’s logistics infrastructure and presence of top-notch logistic service providers.

Source: Charleston Regional Business Journal

9 May 2017

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