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Analog Devices

Success Story

Analog Devices

"Wherever you go ideas are buzzing about and knowledge is being exchanged."

Analog Devices is an innovative manufacturer of semiconductors for industrial applications and markets, including the automotive sector, communication, healthcare and consumer products. The primary reason why Analog Devices chose to set up shop at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven 18 months ago was a simple one — to be able to innovate with its Dutch customers during early phases of development.

Most of Analog Devices’ customers can be found in the Eindhoven region. “Eighty percent of the electronics market is located here,” said Eddy Elings, Regional Manager for Analog Devices. “Maintaining intensive contact with customers at close range is of primary importance when it comes to being involved at an early stage in the development of new products. The earlier we come on board, the more we can contribute.”

Elings believes that aside from the strategic advantages offered by the campus, it is also very valuable as a strategic environment. “When American colleagues first come here they are amazed — what they initially take to be one large company turns out to be a hundred, which is unique. It is continuously being added to, because there’s no stopping R&D. Wherever you go ideas are buzzing about and knowledge is being exchanged.”

Fast Facts
Location Eindhoven
Operation Marketing & Sales
Industry High Tech Systems
Employees 11
Country of Origin USA
"Eighty percent of the electronics market is located [in Eindhoven]." Eddy Elings Regional Manager, Analog Devices
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