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APS Group

Eindhoven: the perfect European hub for APS

APS started life as a small printing business near Manchester over 50 years ago. Since then it has grown to a full-service marketing company, with 700 people across 25 international teams, including one in Eindhoven. This gives them the ability to provide everything from marketing and brand strategy to studio and creative services as well as print management.


These multi-channel skills are valuable to their large, corporate clients in the retail, health care, financial services and automotive sectors.  “We’ve come a long way from our mailing house roots,” says Koen Luijten, Managing Director, with APS in the Netherlands. “Now, we help marketers deliver campaigns across every channel, including print, web, mobile and large-scale re-branding projects.”

Stepping into Europe with the Dutch

APS has had an office in Eindhoven since 2010. Although creative businesses often make Amsterdam their first choice, Eindhoven stood out to APS for many reasons. “We had an existing connection here with Phillips,” explains Koen “and Eindhoven is a high-tech region, so many of the industries we serve have a strong presence here.”

It’s also famous for being a well-connected city. “That was also a major factor,” agrees Koen. “With direct flights to Manchester and just one hour’s drive from other major European cities in Germany, France and Belgium, it was a good fit for us.”

An international focus

Although APS have recruited a mainly local team, Koen describes Eindhoven as a cosmopolitan city. “When you walk around you see lots of expats who have come here to work and I know many of the high-tech businesses are recruiting international graduates. It’s nice, it gives the city a good feel. It’s a buzzing place now, a little like Amsterdam.”

A place to grow and thrive

“We see Eindhoven as the perfect place to grow and to serve clients across Europe,” concludes Koen. “We are starting to work closely with the NFIA and other agencies to build connections and establish partnerships.”

Fast Facts
Location Eindhoven
Operation Outsourced Marketing Services
Industry Business Related Services
Employees 40
Country of Origin United Kingdom
"The Netherlands is the perfect first step into Europe. We all speak good English, so there is no language barrier." Koen Luijten Managing Director APS Group BV
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