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Bosch Security Systems

Success Story

Bosch Security Systems

Bosch Security Systems detects high tech talent in Brabant

Enhancing the quality of life by providing solutions that are both innovative and beneficial is the overarching goal of global technology giant, Bosch. With this in mind, Bosch Security Systems, develops video surveillance, intrusion and fire detection, voice evacuation systems as well as access control and management systems designed to protect lives, buildings and assets. Professional audio as well as the world’s recognized leading conference systems for voice, sound and music communications complete the product portfolio.

Today, 360 people, made up of twenty-nine different nationalities from around the world, are the loyal employees of Bosch Security Systems in Brabant.

Sustainable Employability

Today, 360 people, made up of twenty-nine different nationalities from around the world, are the loyal employees of Bosch Security Systems in Brabant. Virtually all new hires are from the region, with over half of the total workforce specializing in R&D engineering.

“As the world’s smartest region, Eindhoven is a global magnet for high tech talent. In Brabant, we enjoy close co-operation with world renowned science and technical universities that are home to a third of Brabant’s higher education students, ” explains Rindert Kroos, Bosch Security Systems’ HR Director.

As a member of Brainport Eindhoven, one of Europe’s most prominent and innovative high-tech regions uniting leading technology companies and knowledge institutions, Bosch Security Systems plays a leading role as a partner in Dutch Technology Week.  The group also scouts new talent with its own Bosch Technology Event.

Held annually, the Bosch Technology Event is designed by, and receives the full support from the entire Bosch Security Systems’ executive team. Johan Jubbega, General Manager of Bosch Security Systems, highlights, “It’s no coincidence that our Bosch Technology Event, attracting hundreds of students from across the Netherlands, is held in Brabant each year. Going into this, we have one crystal clear objective in mind – to ensure we attract the very best talent to join Bosch on its journey into a technology driven future! We are in the business of innovation and there is no room for compromise when it comes to finding the brightest brains on the planet to take our company forward while delighting our customers and employees.”

Over the years, Bosch Security Systems’ business has evolved to become mostly software focused with the Eindhoven site transforming itself into a global R&D organization driving forward the development of new products.

Jubbega concludes, “Our business continues to flourish and we are proud to be the world’s number one in conferencing systems. We remain relentless in keeping our grip firm on the wheel when it comes to cutting-edge R&D and breakthrough technologies, especially when it comes to imaging- and audio-competence. Our success is largely down to the superior quality of the people here in Brabant not to mention the superb cooperation we experience from the region. The culture here is hands on with everyone jumping in to provide support, share information and help each other every step of the way.”

Source: BOM Foreign Investments

Fast Facts
Location Eindhoven
Operations Headquarters, Marketing & Sales, R&D
Industry High Tech Systems
Employees 360
Country of Origin Germany
"With, quite literally, thousands of innovation experts and scientists clustered on Eindhoven’s High Tech Campus as well as sophisticated ecosystems and state-of-the-art R&D facilities all close by, there is a never-ending funnel of talent here." Rindert Kroos HR Director, Bosch Security Systems
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