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Cognizant ‘acts local' at High Tech Campus Eindhoven

Cognizant is a leading provider of information technology, consulting and business process outsourcing services. The company, which has over 145,000 employees globally, across 50 countries, recently opened an office at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven. Cognizant also has a Benelux office located in Amsterdam which houses marketing and sales operations as well as the European Delivery Center.


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“Our main reason for choosing the High Tech Campus was to ‘think global and act local’. Our growth strategy has always been to work with a limited number of clients and provide increasing value as we grow each of those relationships. Our aim is to be a long-term, strategic partner of all our clients,” said Manoj Mehta, Benelux Country Manager.

Cognizant expects to be able to identify and service more clients from its base at the High Tech Campus. “The Brabant manufacturing sector is of great interest for us, as are other industries that are well-represented, for example, high tech and logistics. It is also a region where companies do not focus solely on cutting costs, but are open to innovation and have shown themselves to be ‘early adopters’ of global sourcing.”

“We are continuously investing in new R&D partnerships. The campus gives us access to a valuable network of potential R&D partners and we benefit from working closely with Eindhoven University of Technology, Fontys Hogeschool and Tilburg University — valuable sources of talent. And last but not least, we really like the great atmosphere on campus, giving us a sense of being part of a family. We feel at home there, amongst like-minded people. The campus ‘breathes high tech,’ like a mini Silicon Valley. It is a culture that promotes excellence,” concluded Mehta.

Fast Facts
Location Eindhoven
Operations R&D, Marketing & Sales
Industry IT
Employees 5
Country of Origin USA
"The [High Tech Campus Eindhoven] ‘breathes high tech,' like a mini Silicon Valley. It is a culture that promotes excellence." Manoj Mehta Benelux Country Manager, Cognizant Technology Solutions
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