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Zener Maritime

Zener Maritime sets foot in Europe with new Rotterdam Service Center

With the opening of a regional Service Center in the Port of Rotterdam, Zener Maritime Solutions have set a solid step in Europe. Originating from India, Zener Maritime Solutions is a Singapore-based company that provides global shipping companies with a competitive advantage by providing a comprehensive range of maintenance services, such as Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM), carried out by experienced and well trained technicians.

Photo: Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte with Zener Maritime CEO J.D. Singh at a networking event in Singapore on the occasion of the Prime Minister’s visit to the region in November 2016

Branching out

“Rotterdam is the perfect location for doing business with Europe, the Middle East and Africa,” asserts CEO, J.D. Singh. “That’s why we decided to open a branch location here. There are a hundred people working in Mumbai, and since six years we’ve had a presence in Singapore; that location grew from three people, to twenty.” Zener has established a close working relationship with a number of Dutch clients over a period of more than 15 years and key personnel visited Rotterdam many times. The new Rotterdam office will service the European market, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and will be run by local Dutch General Manager, Folkert de Vries, together with a number of local, Dutch employees.

No pain

J.D. Singh commented: “The presence of well-educated, multi-lingual personnel is another advantage that Rotterdam offers. We want to have talented Dutch employees in our company, starting with three-to-five people and possibly expanding from there.” He also went on to praise the assistance received from government bodies in setting up the office: “The NFIA, both here and in Singapore, and Rotterdam Partners, took away all the pain, giving us legal, labor advice and setting us up with local bodies in the Netherlands, from office space, to accommodation for our employees. Their follow-up support was also tremendous and we have great respect for that.”

Zener has been in the business of providing UTM survey and inspection services for over 18 years. The company offers an unmatched range of UTM-related services which is complemented by in-depth experience of working on all types of vessels in all major classifications. Experience gained in implementing projects in more than 60 countries gives Zener an edge in delivering on their commitments across a broad geographical base.

Rotterdam – Make it Happen!

The new facility in Rotterdam extends the company’s global reach. “In our business, there are two ways to stand out: by building a market reputation for delivering quality and by ensuring globally competitive costs. You have to use a multi-dimensional approach, regardless of whether your customer is from Japan, The US, or Greece,” states Country Manager, Joe Singh. “We managed that just fine in Singapore and now we’re going to do it in Rotterdam. It’s all about integrity, offering appealing terms, and being able to conduct inspections on time.”

The official opening of the new Zener Maritime Services Rotterdam facility took place on 12 November 2015, the day of the auspicious festival of Diwali, reflecting the company’s Indian heritage.

Fast Facts
Location Rotterdam
Activity Service Center (MRO)
Industry Shipbuilding/Marine Equipment
Country of Origin Singapore
"The NFIA, both here and in Singapore, and Rotterdam Partners, took away all the pain, giving us legal, labor advice and setting us up with local bodies in the Netherlands." J.D. Singh CEO
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