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Data Centers

Europe's Top Location for Data Centers

Considered one of the most wired countries in the world, the Netherlands is home to one of the most advanced markets for data center operations in Europe. In fact, about one third of all European data centers are located in the Amsterdam area and take advantage of AMS-IX—the world’s leading internet exchange.

Beyond being the most wired country in Europe and having the continent’s fastest connection speeds, the Netherlands has the world’s second-highest penetration of household broadband connections. It also directly links continental Europe to North America, with most transatlantic sea cables going directly to the Netherlands. What’s more, the highly competitive Dutch telecommunications network is 100% digital and ranks among the world’s best for quality, speed and reliability.

Plus, the Netherlands’ mild climate and robust renewable energy cluster provide sustainable and affordable options for data center energy efficiency needs—from power production to cooling.

Google Cloud Region in the Netherlands

Google runs two data centers in the Netherlands, one of which is powered by 100% renewable energy. They just opened a new Google Cloud region in that data center – what does that signify, and why does it make them proud?


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