Fertile Ground for Startups – a Vibrant and Collaborative Ecosystem

As one of the top 5 innovation leaders in Europe, the Netherlands is home to a vibrant, collaborative startup ecosystem. For starters, the Netherlands has a globally competitive talent pool, scores of incubators and a booming tech sector. In fact, the Netherlands is the No. 1 most connected economy in the world, just one more reason why forward-thinking entrepreneurs choose to open a company in Holland. The Netherlands ranks as the No. 4 best European country for startups, while Amsterdam is Europe’s fastest growing startup ecosystem. When you factor in the Dutch government’s commitment to supporting startups, starting a business in the Netherlands is the ideal choice.

Leader in talent competitiveness

The Netherlands is a global frontrunner when it comes to talent, ranking No. 6 worldwide for talent competitiveness. The Dutch university system, ranked in the top 3 in the EU, is a major driver of the country’s ability to cultivate and attract talent. Moreover, the Dutch have the best English proficiency in the world – a valuable asset for international startups in the Netherlands.

Focus on key technologies

The Dutch are early adapters for tech and innovation, making the Netherlands an attractive test market for key technologies. As artificial intelligence (AI)  becomes the focus of global competition, the Dutch government is investing heavily in AI through its Strategic National Plan for AI. The Netherlands is also a leading software development hub, ranking No. 1 in the EU for the highest number of developers per capita. The Dutch are investing in digital and mobility technologies, as shown by Amsterdam’s No. 4 ranking in the 2019 Savills Tech Cities index.

Successful startups in the Netherlands

Across every industry, foreign startups come to the Netherlands to develop their products, access talent and expand in the European market. For example, US-based Plaid and UK-based Azimo both found a welcome home in the Netherlands’ thriving fintech scene. UK-based advertising tech startup Inskin Media joined a network of cutting-edge agencies in the Dutch creative industry. Scottish medtech startup WheelAir set up a Dutch subsidiary, drawn to the Netherlands’ life sciences and health clusters.

How the Netherlands helps startups

According to Harvard Business Review, the Netherlands ranks No. 3 worldwide for the ease of doing digital business. The Dutch government plays an important role by providing foreign startups with the tools and information they need to open a company in the Netherlands. Initiatives like the Netherlands Point of Entry and connect international entrepreneurs to capital, markets and talent in the Dutch startup ecosystem. With so many opportunities available, it’s clear to see why startups in the Netherlands are leading the effort to future-proof the world.

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