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The Netherlands: A European Springboard for Offices Operations

No matter your company’s size or industry, the Netherlands can serve as a great first landing spot for your company’s European venture. With a relatively small number of inhabitants (17 million), the Netherlands is an ideal test market for companies looking to expand into Europe. The Dutch are internationally oriented, multicultural, and known as digital frontrunners.

Looking beyond the Dutch borders, you can access 244 million consumers within 1000km and service major EU markets, like the U.K., Germany, and France, from the Netherlands. The Netherlands has great global connections thanks to top infrastructure that includes Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and four regional airports that also offer European services. High-speed passenger trains connect the Netherlands with European destinations like Germany, Belgium, U.K. and France. The strong and reliable Dutch digital infrastructure also keeps your business connected online. With AMS-IX and NL-IX, the Netherlands tops speed charts in the EU and boasts 98% households with Internet access. The unrivaled infrastructure, among other factors, allows any company to flourish when they choose the Netherlands as their first base of operations.

Welcoming first landing in Europe

For businesses looking to expand abroad, the Netherlands is the ideal location for a European office. The open, direct, and pragmatic Dutch culture makes the expansion process straightforward and cost effective. The Netherlands can accommodate office operations including marketing & sales, service centers, technical centers, training center, financial and treasury offices, quality control facilities, customer service and MRO facilities.

The Netherlands is a service-based economy with plenty of services providers, with over 90% of the population fluent in English and 82% of the Dutch workforce working in the service industry.  Plus, when your business lands here in the Netherlands, this talented labor force enables your business to grow, as the Dutch workforce is highly skilled, diverse and multilingual.

Incorporating a business in the Netherlands

Setting up a new entity in the Netherlands is fairly easy. The Netherlands knows an infrastructure built around business and it only takes a few days to set up your business through a public notary. In the Netherlands, you must choose a legal structure when you start a business. Which legal form is most suitable for you, depends on your situation. You choose a business structure when you register at the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (KVK) and your choice will help determine aspects as liability and tax obligations. The combination of a business-friendly environment, proactive attitude of the Dutch Tax Authorities and the high level of English speaking people, support you in setting up your new endeavor.

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