Advanced Manufacturing

Europe’s One-Stop-Shop for Manufacturing Success

The supportive corporate tax structure, skilled Dutch engineering workforce, collaborative network of suppliers and digital infrastructure are just a few benefits of locating manufacturing operations in the Netherlands. The superior Dutch logistics and distribution network, innovation ecosystem and proximity to Europe’s largest markets are major advantages to companies looking to establish or expand manufacturing operations in Europe. 

State-of-the-art manufacturing in many sectors

Major multinationals in various industries are already benefiting from carrying out European manufacturing in the Netherlands. Agrifood companies like Coca-Cola and Kraft Heinz are manufacturing food products, while life sciences and health companies like Kite Pharma and MSD are producing new medicines and cell therapies. Chemicals and IT companies such as LyondellBasell, Siemens and Asus, have also located their manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands, where they can access robust industry clusters for collaboration. 

New technologies give companies a competitive edge

To stay competitive in a global market, companies turn to new technology, automation and optimization. The advanced manufacturing sector in the Netherlands is pioneering a variety of technologies, including robotics, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, IoT and big data. Through research and development, the Netherlands is advancing manufacturing operations in nearly every sector.  Embracing Industry 4.0, also known as “Smart Industry,” manufacturing companies can optimize production processes and create more efficient business models. Above all, it enables them to develop smart and personalized products that engage customers.

Dutch drive towards Smart Industry

In 2018, the Dutch government launched the Smart Industry Implementation Agenda with the goal to have the most flexible and the best digitally connected production network in Europe by 2021. The Dutch have created nearly 40 Fieldlabs to develop, test and implement Smart Industry solutions, and train people to apply them. Some 300 companies, various knowledge institutions and government organizations are already experimenting together in the Fieldlabs.

The Netherlands is also an engineering powerhouse, with a global reputation for quality and innovation. Dutch engineering expertise ranges from robotics and aeronautics to building design and sustainable development. Dutch engineering helps to create solutions towards optimal production processes in manufacturing.

Seamless integration of Industry 4.0 solutions into manufacturing operations

With the Smart Industry Implementation Agenda, the Dutch are going beyond traditional manufacturing. Pilot Plants in the Netherlands are a test ground for new technologies and research and development. Companies and knowledge institutions use Pilot Plants to develop new production processes and test technological innovations before introducing them to the market.

SABIC, Sappi and Avantium are just a few companies using Pilot Plants to combine expertise and bring process technologies to the market quickly. SABIC’s state-of-the-art polypropylene pilot plant is located at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus, where a host of other chemical companies are innovating green circular chemistry for a more sustainable future. Chemie Park Delfzijl and Biotech Campus Delft are two additional hubs where companies and knowledge institutions integrate innovative technologies. In Delft, for example, the Bioprocess Pilot Facility, focuses on transitioning technologies in food, fermentation and hydrolysis from laboratory to industrial scale.

The Netherlands’ workforce is readily available to support companies in this manufacturing transformation with their above average IT skills. Dutch knowledge institutions, such as TU Delft, TU Eindhoven and Utrecht University, are also contributing to advanced manufacturing. For example, TU Delft’s Aerospace Engineering department is working to automate composite manufacturing to help companies become more sustainable and efficient. Meanwhile, TU Eindhoven’s Digital Factory of the Future allows manufacturing companies to experiment with new technology and apply and share data. As the manufacturing industry evolves at a rapid pace, the Netherlands is innovating advanced solutions for sectors and companies from across the globe.

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